The tall ones go at the back

Now, who goes where?

Educational themed images

Personal family images

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The Evil Aircon II

Step 1: Transform the aircon from white to black

Step 2: Have it installed by proffesionals

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Meanwhile, in the back room…

Shelving? Complete!

Seat? Done!

Outside? Madness!

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Greg Darrol delivers.

Good advice for anyone - immediately off to the printers

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Making room for the evil aircon

The aircon unit is bloody huge and NOT planned for. And now we need to put it somewhere inside the Airstream. Big, white elephant.

However, every aircon has a silver lining, once you cut the hole for it.

The plank at the back is bolted straight through the wall, so it will take the weight with ease.

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More of the best studio in the world

The passage conecting the Airstream to the "house" being installed.

The sun is shining on our stoep

The plants are a growing out front

And the caravan is slowly creeping indoors

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The rungs of the ring

Sans corners, but with the duvet cover

Sans duvet, but with the corners installed

To ruffle, or not to ruffle, that is the question

The ruffles have it

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