Double Dirkie

Double Dirkie

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And now for some atmosphere

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Finally, the bed is a ring

Greg's design, block mounted for perfect viewing lying down

The bed is nicely framed by furniture

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In the changing room, something’s changing

Some extra masks...

...some custome made wresting shoes,

and some pillows to change on.

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The bed is almost there…

A close-up of the pads, and "bed post"

The duvet cover goes on...

...and then the ropes get hung

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The curse of endless detail

Mark, always happy to screw something up against the wall

Joe extruded this image from the original flat artwork

The easiest thing in the whole project was spraying the coat rack gold. Joe made the fighting girls.

The two hearts and birds came from a Mexican shop, Hadeda, in Cape Town

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Some 3D Nick-Nacks

An original light fitting, but with an added black fringe for atmosphere

The "Birdman"- comic relief in the Sanchez Suite

A masked sculpture and one of Kronk's blank toys, filled in Sanchez style at the Toffie Cultural Festival

A wedding photo and a book on"World's Best Photography" go on the coffee table in the lounge

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